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The Soul Saints Orchestra – Santa’s Got A Bag Of Soul

Merry Christmas, hope you get a bag of soul from Santa!



BONUS EARWORM: D’Angelo – Sugah Daddy

The new D’Angelo album Black Messiah is genius. I’m one of those people that is physically moved by music. When the groove is right my body dances of its own accord, I have NO control over it. Throwing crazy shapes is what it’s all about. And this tune in particular makes my body move.

Also, descending/ascending hooks, falsetto, handclaps and HORNS.



Clarence Carter – Back Door Santa

Get your Christmas groove on. Ho, ho ho!



Low: I Started A Joke

A sad song for a sad day in the aftermath of yesterday’s accident in Glasgow City Centre. Again, thank you Brothers Gibb.



Al Green – How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?

I watched The Bee Gees documentary on BBCFOUR on Friday night, and got this stuck in my head. Great songwriters, but I prefer the Reverend’s smooth soul version of this one.



Shamir – On The Regular

Don’t try me, I’m not a free sample.


Love his countertenor (not falsetto) singing.



Barry Adamson – 007, A Fantasy Bond Theme

On hearing that Sony want Idris Elba to play James Bond…

Bond is black.







Vince Guaraldi – Skating

Vince Guaraldi’s Charlie Brown Christmas album is a festive tradition in my house. I’ve been trying to play this on the piano today, just the easy bits though!



Python Lee Jackson – In a Broken Dream

One of my favourite Rod Stewart moments. Once it pops into my head it is very difficult to eradicate.


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The Flaming Lips – She Don’t Use Jelly

I always thought this song was called Tangerine. Which is the reason it popped into my head. Mmm tangerines.