Monthly Archives: August 2014

Kate Bush – King of the Mountain

I dreamt about Kate Bush last night.



Kate Bush – Hammer Horror

Kate Bush grew up with Hammer Horror, and so did I.


Kate Bush – The Big Sky

More Kate Bush.

That cloud, that cloud looks like Ireland.


Kate Bush – Waking The Witch

Yes, it appears to be Kate Bush week in my head, I’m sure you don’t mind. Countdown to 3rd September when I hope to be able to travel to London to see her.

Anyone who has ever suffered sleep paralysis (that state where your brain starts to wake up while your body is immobilised by sleep, and your dreams become real while you fight to wake up) will recognise the the nightmare state contained in this song. Not for the faint of heart, or small children!



Kate Bush – The Sensual World

Caught up in the Kate Bush mania preceding her concerts in London starting on Tuesday. I cannot wait.

Mmmm, yes.


The Cramps – Faster Pussycat

Inspired by a photo of Kitty, Daisy and Lewis, dressed to kill.



Harry Nilsson – Coconut

I love this song. And I have no idea why it has got into my head today. Apart from the fact that I love both limes and coconuts. And Nilsson.


Rupert Holmes – Escape (PiƱa Colada Song)

Guardians of The Galaxy earworm. Sorry peeps.



Little Richard – Lucille

I LOVE Little Richard. Doesn’t everybody?