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Material – I’m Bustin Out



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Bonus Earworm: Kate Bush – Cloudbusting

My friend Phil had a spare ticket for Kate Bush and now I’m going to see her in concert. Celebrating with this:







Imagination – Just an Illusion

I blame Shaun Keaveney and his Fretless Fridays.



Irma Thomas – Hitting on Nothing

Makes me want to shake a tailfeather



Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes – The Love I Lost

Proto disco earworm. I have the uh huh, mm hmm section (right at the end) firmly ensconced in the music generating centres of my brain. Groove it y’all. (Sampled by Theo Parrish, I believe).



Portishead – Chase The Tear

Electro earworm. Happy Birthday To Me.



Bonus Earworm: Mantronix – Bassline

This is my go to cheer up music, and has been for a long time. Today I suggested it to a friend. I have not yet heard back…



The Ramsey Lewis Trio – The In Crowd

Writing music today. My soul song is turning out a bit like this. Love this kinda groove.



Mel Tormé – Mountain Greenery

Beans could get no keener reception in a beanery! Proper preposterous lyrics here, and some contrived finger clicking in the video. Stick with it.


The Monks – I Can Do Anything You Like

I can do disco all night. I can do classical, I can do funk. I can do reggae (reggie) , or I can do simply do a lotta funk.

Poppadum poppadum poppadum poppadum plain naan ? chapati poppadum.