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Kate Bush – Delius

I am reading a book with a character whose surname is Delius, and obviously this has produced a Kate Bush earworm.


Kate Bush – Why Should I Love You?

When Prince went mad on a Kate Bush song.


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Kate Bush – And Dream of Sheep

Let me be weak, let me sleep.


Summer insomnia.



Kate Bush – Ken!

This is uber cheese, but I needed an antidote to the disappointing news that Kate Bush is a Tory, today.

Who is the funky sex machine? KEN!!



Kate Bush – In Search of Peter Pan

When I am a man, I will be an astronaut and find Peter Pan.



Kate Bush – Kashka From Baghdad

They know the way to be happy.



Kate Bush – All The Love

This is dedicated to my cat Erik, who wants “all the love” all the time.



Kate Bush – In The Warm Room

Popped into my head when I went into the “cold” room in my home.



Kate Bush – The Morning Fog

Last night I saw Kate Bush perform live. I was transfixed, utterly captivated. I would like to share The Morning Fog with you, but it would appear that it is unavailable as a video, so here’s a Spotify link instead. Enjoy. I shall blog about it on my other wordpress┬áblog over the next few days.



You know what?

I love you better now.