Kamasi Washington – Fists of Fury

This has been stuck in my head since I first heard it, and I am SOOOOOOO excited about seeing him and his band play next weekend I might cry.


Cosmic and cool. Makes me feel like I’m flying.





Bonus Earworm: The Rip Off Artist – Bim Boom Bam

Because it’s Friday, I have eccentric shapethrowing glitch music in my ears. I challenge you to let the music move you.



Abbey Lincoln – If I Only Had a Brain

I love this version, and used to sing a version (much slower) inspired by this one. When you slow it down, it’s actually a proper tearjerker. Poor scarecrow.



The Matthew Herbert Big Band – Chromoshop

Not in my name. This song always comes to mind when the Westminster Government does something appalling that I do not want to be associated with. Which happens on a regular basis.



Joan As Police Woman – Shame

I am tired of wearing a crown of thorns.


Kate Bush – The Morning Fog

Last night I saw Kate Bush perform live. I was transfixed, utterly captivated. I would like to share The Morning Fog with you, but it would appear that it is unavailable as a video, so here’s a Spotify link instead. Enjoy. I shall blog about it on my other wordpress┬áblog over the next few days.



You know what?

I love you better now.