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Amy Winehouse – Rehab

A domino earworm from hearing soul music on the radio.


David Bowie – Somebody Up There Likes Me

From my favourite Bowie album. Soul Bowie, with Luther Vandross & co on the BVs.





James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream

Not sure where this came from, been a while since I heard it but the ascending bit of the melody is completely stuck in my head.





Jackie Deshannon – What the World Needs Now

I have peace and love on my mind a lot. A classic from Bacharach and David.



War – Edwin Starr

Peace to you all.  For all living beings.



Meri Wilson – Telephone Man

Hey lolly! Hey lolly, get it any way you can…


(oh dear. I am very sorry!)





Kate Bush – In The Warm Room

Popped into my head when I went into the “cold” room in my home.



Irma Thomas – Ruler of my Heart

Thank you for the music, Mr Allen Toussaint.






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Freda Payne – Band of Gold

It’s another bassline earworm.