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David Bowie – Stay

It’s Bowie season again. Funky Bowie season.



David Bowie – Blackstar

The funky “Blackstar” section is firmly ensconced in my audioloop today.

I’m the “Great I Am”.



David Bowie – Suffragette City

She’s a total blam-blam!


David Bowie – Kooks

Psyching up for a Bowie/Roxy night.



David Bowie – Modern Love

This song has been a recurrent earworm since friends of mine performed it at a gig. Subsequently, I have performed it with them and I have the backing vocals stuck in my head. And then it was played on Deutschland 83 the other week and the earworm was strengthened. And now I’m sharing it with you!


Also, more GIANT TROUSERS in the video. I am a fan of GIANT TROUSERS.





David Bowie – Young Americans

Finishing my David Bowie tribute week with my favourite song from my favourite Bowie album. He’s hoarse and tired and just as fabulous as ever, and I LOVE the backing vocals (Luther Vandross!), and David Sanborn on sax, live on the Dick Cavett show in 1974.





David Bowie – Fashion

Another Bowie favourite of mine (I always veer to the funkier side). Love this video too. Crazy dancing, and Bowie looking extremely hot in giant Japanese style trousers and fabulous hair.



David Bowie – Boys Keep Swinging

One of my favourite Bowie videos from my formative years. Still want to sing this one, while dressed as a man.



David Bowie – I’m Deranged

Bowie and Lynch – a brilliant combination for lovers of the strange arts. I’m going to have to go and watch Fire Walk With Me again now, for the strange disappearance of Philip Jeffries,  played by Bowie.



David Bowie – Heroes

There’s a Bowie song for every state of mind.