Solange – Cranes in the Sky

I don’t even know how I know this song, but there it is, buzzing round my head.


Talk Talk – Desire

I know this is a very strange earworm to have, but the bit that keeps popping up in my head is the refrain leading up to the MEGA drum solo in the middle. I recommend turning the lights off, turning the music up, and lying in a star shape on the floor. Get ready for lift off.


XTC – Sergeant Rock

I always loved XTC, with their jaggy new wave pop stylings. I hear them every so often on 6music, and fall in love all over again. ┬áIt’s good to share.


Adam and the Ants – Kings of the Wild Frontier

Brilliant earworm from my childhood. Kids now have Bieber (&c). We had ANTMUSIC FOR ANTPEOPLE. No contest.


Yes, I know I sound like a gran.



The Andrews Sisters – Rum and Coca Cola

No, wait! Listen to this, it’s quirky and not quite what you’d expect. One of the best harmonic vocal slides I’ve ever heard too. Calypso!