Henry Stephen – Mi Limon, Mi Limonero

From last night’s film, Bad Hair. Catchy little devil of a song. ¡Venga!


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One thought on “Henry Stephen – Mi Limon, Mi Limonero

  1. […] Mi Limon! Mi Limonero! At last, Bad Hair is an often uplifting film about a little boy in Venezuela. Junior is nine years old and loves to sing. His single mother, Marta, has lost her job as a security guard, and is struggling to keep on top of her life. The fact that her son plays with girls and is obsessed with straightening his hair is not helping. Junior doesn’t fit with his mother’s idea of masculinity, and as a mixed race boy with an afro, he doesn’t look much like his mother either. His grandmother Carmen aids and abets his urges to “be a singer with straight hair”, leading to increased tensions between the two women in his life. Grinding poverty and desperation are well represented in this charming film, but Junior’s exuberance and Carmen’s singing lessons are enough to leave you dancing your way out of the cinema. Mi Limon, Min Limonero! […]

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