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Janelle Monáe – Ghetto Woman

The best ever Glastonbury set is on iPlayer for the next month and you must watch it. I am psyching up with some later Janelle, but not spoiling myself for The ArchAndroid.


Ghetto Woman got me dancing like a maniac, so thought I’d share.



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Public Enemy – Shut em Down

Reading about statues of slave owners and racists being taken down. It is time. It has always been time.


CeCe Rogers – Someday

I feel like when I was listening to music like this back in the day there was some hope that ‘someday we’ll live as one family in sweet harmony’.

Keeping that hope alive.


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Prince and the New Power Generation – Money Don’t Matter 2 night

Prince’s birthday. And a great video from Spike Lee


Sadly still relevant 30 years on.



The Beacon Sound Choir – Fortunate Ones

We are the fortunate ones who get to be whole again.


I’ve just finished watching Devs (with Nick Offerman – you should watch it), and this haunting song has infused my being with calm and weirdness. That discordant chord is everything. Everything.



Karine Polwart – Women of the World

It’s International Women’s Day, and Ivor Cutler’s song is always what I think of on this day.


Women of the world, take over

Cause if you don’t, the world will come to an end

And we haven’t got long. 




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Courtney Barnett – Need a Little Time

Love the line – “to the hand it’s beautiful”


“Shave your head to see how it feels
Emotionally it’s not that different
But to the hand it’s beautiful
Yeah, to the hand it’s beautiful”



Siouxsie and the Banshees – Slowdive

This is still a fantastic song, and yes, it’s filthy.



The Real Thing – Can You Feel The Force?

Guess what I saw in the cinema yesterday…


(yes, I can feel it)



The Notorious B.I.G. – Hypnotize

Biggie Biggie Biggie…


I’ve got that filthy funk groove in my head.