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Luther Vandross – A House is not a Home

Saw a clip from this on Soul America last night. What an interpretation of song. Never oversinging or bellowing, impressive, emotional, perfect singing. I watched the whole thing this morning and burst into tears. What a loss. I was too young to really understand when he was around.


And as I have said before, fat Luther, skinny Luther, ANY KIND OF LUTHER!



Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta


The funk shall be within you.


Dory Previn – The Lady with the Braid

No idea why this popped into my head. Not heard it for years. Melancholy and strange.


When you sleep, do you have dreams?





Betty Davis – Anti Love Song

And on the subject of wild Bettys…



Bettye LaVette- Let Me Down Easy

Read a short article about Bettye this morning. What a life, what a woman, and what an amazing soul voice. And she’s still got it aged 74. I saw her once on the Renfrew Ferry and felt ALL the emotions. She’s tiny, whip thin and fierce. I LOVE HER.



Cannot resist the music of Mali and it’s been great to hear Fatoumata Diawara on the radio in the mornings rather than lurking in the weirder corners of the station. You smiling yet? Dancing?


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Janelle Monáe – Ghetto Woman

The best ever Glastonbury set is on iPlayer for the next month and you must watch it. I am psyching up with some later Janelle, but not spoiling myself for The ArchAndroid.


Ghetto Woman got me dancing like a maniac, so thought I’d share.



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Public Enemy – Shut em Down

Reading about statues of slave owners and racists being taken down. It is time. It has always been time.


CeCe Rogers – Someday

I feel like when I was listening to music like this back in the day there was some hope that ‘someday we’ll live as one family in sweet harmony’.

Keeping that hope alive.


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Prince and the New Power Generation – Money Don’t Matter 2 night

Prince’s birthday. And a great video from Spike Lee


Sadly still relevant 30 years on.